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William Lambeth
Memorial Plaque Fund



Lambeth Field was built as the University of Virginia’s principal athletic field and is named for William Alexander Lambeth, who took both his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University, where he served on the faculty for 40 years. He was Professor of Materia Medica and Hygiene, Head of the Department of Physical Education, and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. A landscape architect and an accomplished student of Italian art, language and culture, he was the author of one of the first serious studies of Jefferson as an architect.  He was affectionately known as the “Father of Athletics” at the University and was perhaps best known for his leadership in intercollegiate football. As a member of the 1910 NCAA rules committee, he helped save the sport from prohibition by establishing new regulations to promote safety. He is credited with the idea of dividing the game into four quarters to provide rest for exhausted players.  The Lambeth playing field was laid out in 1901-1902; the colonnades and stands were built in 1911-1913.  It was on this site in the spring of 1910 that the University football team experimented with the new rules Dr. Lambeth had helped create – the first time the reformed modern game was ever played.

Please donate to the William Lambeth Memorial Plaque Fund.  All proceeds go towards the construction of a plaque made of Buckingham slate to be installed at Lambeth Field.